Dance Assessment & Screening

The extreme demands dancers place on their bodies are unlike those in any other activity, art form or sport. As a result, there are a range of injuries which are almost exclusively seen in a dance population.

Physiotherapy can help identify and address factors which could lead to injury later on, and also diagnose and manage existing dance-specific injuries.

Physiotherapy can include

  • Hands on treatments to address musculoskeletal injuries

  • Advice about safely improving flexibility, strength and technique based on the latest research

  • Exercises developed to specifically address dance-related function and positions

  • Pilates

Dance Services offered at Pace Physiotherapy:

Pre-pointe assessment 

An hour-long session spent assessing range of motion/flexibility, strength, alignment and control around the hips, knees, ankles and feet to objectively look at suitability to commence pointe work. At the conclusion of the session, a report will be prepared for both the student and the dance school outlining recommendations and highlighting any areas to work on.This session will help protect your feet and ankles in the long-term by maximising your safety and technique before taking the next exciting step into pointe shoes.

Tertiary Dance Council Physiotherapy Examination

We also offer appointments to complete the Tertiary Dance Council’s physiotherapy examination, which is a requirement for entry into tertiary dance courses throughout Australia.

Injury Prevention Screening 

An hour session assessing the entire body to highlight any dance-specific areas of technique, range of motion, strength or control to work on to either help prevent future injury, or recover from a current one.This will also serve as an excellent tool to objectively measure your current function for use in a physical therapy rehabilitation context in the unfortunate case of injury later on. A written report of findings will also be supplied to you for your own reference. This is an excellent idea for those who are hoping to get serious about dancing either now or later on to help protect your body in the long term.

Preparing for your appointment: 

  • Please do not warm up for your appointment.

  • It is important to wear clothing that allows for proper assessment of your body and form, please come ready with attire such as dance shorts and a crop top or similar.

  • Please bring water and a towel.

If you would like to discuss how Physiotherapy might be beneficial to you, please call our team at the clinic on 03 5242 8398.